Collection of JavaScript Namespaces Tutorials

JavaScript: Namespaces from Andre Lewis on Tech

This article by Andre Lewis really interested me as it is both informative and really easy to grasp for the first time. Andre also provides nice simple examples and to the point.

JavaScript: Put everything in a namespace from

The syntax might look a bit difficult at first, but the script is highly effective and modern.

Respecting the JavaScript global namespace by Mark A. Ziesemer

It is a plea from Ziesemer. Yes, a plea to all the developers out there to use JavaScript namespace. Now you got the importance of it? (no sarcasm intended btw)

JavaScript namespace function by Mark A. Ziesemer

This is the second installment for his “Respecting the JavaScript global namespace” article

Namespacing your JavaScript by Dustin Diaz

He is really to the point. Quoting Dustin, “First things first, we need a name to space“. Sounds logical to me!

JavaScript and Namespaces (howto) by Michael Schwarz

Though the article received no comments, it is simply simple (?) and Michael does know that newbies will be confused about the so-called JavaScript namespace.

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