The Design Inspiration: A New Way to Get Inspired

June 18, 2009

Did you run out of creative ideas for your logos? Are you tired of using the overused Web 2.0 icons all the time? Then this site is the real deal for you! (I know I sound like a pesky salesman and I am proud).


It features the trendiest, latest, and the coolest ideas I have seen for designing excellent logos and icons. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

20+ Best Tutorials to Convert Psd to Html/CSS

June 15, 2009


You’ve designed your site but you’re having a little trouble turning your design PSD into a coded layout. Here I’ve listed 20+ Best Tutorials to convert Psd to Html/CSS.These tutorial should help you learn how to find the best way to code it.

  1. The Design Lab: PSD Conversion
  2. From PSD to HTML, Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step
  3. Coding: Design Lab TV Styled Layout
  4. PSD to CSS/HTML in Easy Steps – Part 1
  5. Slice and Dice that PSD
  6. Converting a Photoshop Mockup: Part Two, Episode One
  7. Build a Sleek Portfolio Site from Scratch
  8. Portfolio Layout – Learn To Code It
  9. Converting a Design From PSD to HTML
  10. How to Convert a PSD to XHTML
  11. How to Convert PSd to Html
  12. Creating a CSS Layout from scratch
  13. PSD > HTML/CSS
  14. Encoding a Photoshop Mockup into XHTML & CSS
  15. CSS Template Tutorial
  16. Portfolio Layout 4: The Code
  17. Tutorial Coding a Layout
  18. Converting a Photoshop Mockup
  19. Killer site – From Illustrator to Xhtm to Drubal
  20. From PSD to HTML
  21. Coding a Car Sales Layout