Adaptive CSS-Layouts: New Era In Fluid Layouts?

June 9, 2009

Damn! I’ve been practicing creating fluid designs for ages and I didn’t even write any article on that. Well whatever, because Kayla Knight from has written an excellent well-thought article on using fluid designs.

Fluid web designs have many benefits, but only if implemented correctly. With proper technique, a design can be seen correctly on large screens, small screens and even tiny PDA screens. With bad coding structure, however, a fluid layout can be disastrous. Because of this, we need to find ways to work around most, if not all, of the cons of fluid design.

If you as a designer are going to go through all the extra work of creating a functional fluid layout, why not go a bit further and make it compatible with all resolutions, instead of just most? You can use a few techniques to create an incredibly versatile, adaptive layout that will stay perfectly functional with the constantly changing screen sizes.


Btw, I recommend you to check out “the original” article that gave birth to this topic: