Algorithms for Web Developers

August 21, 2009

Referring to my post below, I was thinking about the algorithms that actually have practical usage in the field of web developing. I would really appreciate any help for pointing me towards some of the algorithms.

To call yourself even a programmer, the most important structure in programming you should know is the “loop”. Yes, some even go further and say that those who can use loops effeciently have the rights to call themselves programmers. But I am going ahead. Here are the basic list of algorithms that you should know how to implement:

  1. Binary Search
  2. Any sorting algorithm (such as mergsort, quicksort, heapsort etc.)
  3. Union-Find (think about Social network and you will get the idea)
  4. Encryption algorithm (RSA, DES, Blowfish or whatever you know)
  5. Dijkstra’s algorithm (really useful in figuring out the shortest path)

Remember, master these basic algorithms and then step up to the advanced algorithms. Do you know why Google is famous? They are famous because they’ve invented a simple but elegant solution to searching. Clearly, the developers had to go through all the basic algorithms to create something so sophisticated.