40 Free and Useful GUI Icon Sets for Web Designers

July 28, 2009

Who doesn’t like a nice set of GUI for their web site? Especially when they are F-R-E-E? This post today exactly lists 40 free and useful GUI icon sets from hongkiat.com. Which set did you like the best? I liked the Pixel sets the best IMHO. Enjoy!

Source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/40-free-and-useful-gui-icon-sets-for-web-designers/

The Design Inspiration: A New Way to Get Inspired

June 18, 2009

Did you run out of creative ideas for your logos? Are you tired of using the overused Web 2.0 icons all the time? Then this site is the real deal for you! (I know I sound like a pesky salesman and I am proud).

Source: http://thedesigninspiration.com/

It features the trendiest, latest, and the coolest ideas I have seen for designing excellent logos and icons. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED