TraceMonkey: Another Curious George

June 21, 2009

TraceMonkey is an updated version of Mozilla Firefox’s JavaScript engine. So what’s so great about it? It’s a looooot faster! Mozilla executives has been stated saying that this new engine is 20 to 40 times more faster than the previous JavaScript engines.

Though we all know that Mozilla has a reputation to give their products some really slick names, TraceMonkey has actually been derived from an earlier JavaScript engine then known as the SpiderMonkey (sounds really weird to someone from the animal kingdom). SpiderMonkey was the first ever JavaScript engine created for the Netscape browser. Here’s what Mozilla has to say:

TraceMonkey adds native‐code compilation to Mozilla’s JavaScript engine (known as “SpiderMonkey”). It is based on a technique developed at UC Irvine called “trace trees”, and building on code and ideas shared with the Tamarin Tracing project. The net result is a massive speed increase both in the browser chrome and Web‐page content.


Some other good resources to learn about TraceMonkey: